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Thanks for choosing me - I am so excited to get to know you and capture some very meaningful photos for you! This form helps me gather the details I need to start preparing for the session and it is only sent directly to my confidential email inbox. I will clarify anything else we’re missing, for example, if we have not yet finalized the date and time, and then the next step will be for you to receive a contract and an invoice for the session fee.


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If we have already determined these details, please put them in; if they are not yet decided, please indicate some preferences for dates and times.
Please list the names of all family members (including pets) and who they are (ex. husband); for children, please also include ages.
Please describe your typical routine for the hours that will be covered; ex. time everyone wakes up, family meals, and most importantly if you have a baby/kid that naps then what time that usually is. This helps us fine-tuning the timing of the session to cover everything you want. I also need to know if you have any activities planned so that I can be prepared (ex. going for a bike ride - I would need to bring my bike and a longer lens).
When you look back on this time in your life, what do you want to remember most? What do you want your kids to know/remember? Are there specific physical traits (ex. hair curls) or behaviours (ex. toddler playing with dog) that you hope to have captured of specific family members?
It is helpful for me to know if you have any fears around the session and what they are so we can discuss. If you have time to pass on a tiny bit about each family member's personality/interests, this also helps (ex. toddler is shy but loves animals) - this can help me connect easier and draw out their true selves in the photos. And lastly, just anything else you think would be beneficial for me to know in advance (ex. where to park, celebrating a birthday, kid with special needs, etc).
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