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I am a Calgary family photographer who specializes in Day in the Life of a Mom and other documentary family film and photo sessions. I started Shirley Lynne Photography in 2013 and gained experience in many areas of photography before realizing my deepest passion of Documentary Family Photography. Here at Day in the Life of a Mom, I have created a place that Moms can come when they need a non-judgemental lens on the reality of this amazing, yet challenging, phase of life. Being a Mom of two young kids myself, I know that this phase of life can be a blur if we let it. I believe that the "day to day" is filled with incredibly meaningful moments that deserve to be captured and preserved... perhaps for a time when we are less sleep deprived and can look back on them to remember how hard we worked and how much we were loved. There is true beauty in the chaos and I would absolutely love to capture the story of your motherhood - from pregnancy, newborn, and beyond. 


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