Small + Mighty

Small and Mighty - I love this phrase. It so perfectly describes not only Melissa’s charity, but also all the babies that have ever been a part of it. And most of all, her own 3 beautiful children. I had so much fun photographing this amazing Calgary family and getting to know them a bit more. They are just settling into their new dream home that they’ve been working on for awhile, and it seemed like the perfect time to capture a Day in the Life. Their home is so bright and full of beautiful details and most importantly, it is filled with a family full of life. For anybody that does not know Melissa, you can follow her on Instagram (@our.littlehome) and I encourage you to also check out her website (which has a link to her Small and Mighty project). Her family story is definitely one of resilience, with all 3 of her children born prematurely. It is hard to see it today, with the energy and excitement those 3 children have, but Melissa will always remember that hard start to their lives and has taken that passion into her work and her charity. I have been inspired by that side of Melissa for years and was so happy to get to volunteer with her Small and Mighty project as a photographer in the NICU, but getting a chance to photograph and put together a family film for them was a chance to see the Mom side of her which is equally as filled with beauty and passion! Here is a slice of their little life in their new dream home:

Shirley Sullivan