Full Day Documentary Family Photo Session

I absolutely love when I get to spend an entire day with a family. There is this ability to get to know them in a deeper way and really capture the personalities of each family member and the richness of the interactions between them. Although it was this Calgary family’s first experience with a documentary family photographer, they quickly adjusted to having me hang out with them for the day. The day was full of so many mini adventures that happen naturally during “routine” things like meals and the typical drawn out bedtime that many parents go through. It also included a spontaneous trip through the community’s parade of garage sales and a few cuts and bruises. In-home photo sessions have this intimacy to them - especially when, in this case, the first photos were captured before sunrise while the dad and 9 month old baby were still snoozing. You could tell this family was embracing the phase of life they were in, soaking in the little joys like chasing each other around the house and adding so many laughs into the bedtime routine. It doesn’t sound easy having a professional photographer follow you around all day, especially when you have no idea what the day will bring, but people find it surprisingly easy in the end to go with the flow and do their usual thing. And through that comfort, I am able to capture what a genuine Day in the Life was like for this family in the phase of life they are in.

Shirley Sullivan