Fresh 48 Family Film and Photos

Welcome to the World baby Alden! This session was very special, not only because it was the first time doing an in-hospital photo session in Calgary, but also because it was my sister’s family. Watching my nephew meet his new baby sister for the first time pulled on every heartstring I have and it took everything in me to stay focused on the photographer role as opposed to Auntie role. Since then, I have luckily been able to catch up on baby cuddles.

When my sister asked me a few weeks before her due date if I would be willing to capture some photos of the first sibling introduction there was not even a second of hesitation. The week leading up to when the baby was born, I felt on-call, but in the most exciting way imaginable. When baby Alden finally arrived, my sister had already been awake for 36 hours and my nephew was fast asleep for the night. When the timing felt right the next afternoon, I picked up my nephew from his daycare and headed to the hospital. The whole way there we practiced saying Alden, which started out as “all-done” but quickly progressed to the actual pronunciation. Although Finn is less than 2 years old, you could tell he turned into a big brother overnight and he could not be more excited to meet this new addition.

The actual introduction could not have been any more precious. After spending some time making rounds on the unit with Daddy while Mommy finished a breastfeeding session, Finn was bursting with excitement. Once inside the room, he first ran to his Mom for big hugs, but then as soon as he spotted the baby, that was his full focus. I have never seen a toddler look sooooo proud. Arms outstretched, he was immediately ready to cuddle and love on baby Alden. I, of course, was in rapid fire photo and video mode, switching back and forth between the two quickly to make sure I captured these early moments the best I could, even though my Auntie instincts were telling me to join the cuddles. Here’s the end product of the film I put together for my sister’s family as well as a few of the photos! I would most definitely jump on any future opportunities to do fresh 48 sessions - a term used for family photo sessions done in the first 48 hours after a baby is born and a chance to capture them as their littlest.

Shirley Sullivan