A Cold Wintery Day Inside

So January was supposed to be a self-care focused month… attempting to start finding (making!) more time for myself. I did okay, but the unpredictability that comes with kids is so challenging sometimes. We have been sick for 4 weekends in a row now! On top of my youngest having pink eye this weekend, it was -30 outside in Calgary today so we decided a jammy day was deserved. My oldest is so excited about Valentine’s Day coming up soon so we did heart-shaped everything today. It is one of those days that I feel incredibly fortunate to be a professional photographer. Of course this leaves me out of the picture (and another goal this year is a bit more #proofofmom ), but I still feel so grateful that I can capture the beauty in the chaos within my own family. Focusing on creating a film today, felt like self-care. And to be honest, it was one of those days that felt a bit hard (my husband and I never do well with feeling stuck inside). Without a family film packed full of beautiful sweet funny candid moments, I might have only remembered the temper tantrums, the runny noses, the nap battle, the supper time battle, and the flat out exhaustion I feel at the end of a long day. And yet, here I am, smiling from ear to ear, watching this film over and over again as I tear up over the beauty within this one simple, “boring” day inside. It is all these little moments, like how my toddler and preschool try to have conversations together now, how Morgan knows how to sing a Gordon Lightfoot song at the age of 3, and how Farrin does the most amusing things like put heart decorations on her belly button. I will definitely be going to bed dreaming of these little moments, that are actually some of the big ones in life.

Shirley Sullivan