3 hour Session - Day in the Life of a Mom

This documentary family session had a strange sense of calm considering there was a 1 year and a 3 year old involved! A 3 hour documentary session can be quite different than a full day or even half day session. It still portrays real life, the personalities of each family member and the interactions between them, but sometimes the chaos is a bit less. This session did not fall over getting ready for the day, mealtimes, or bedtimes - all of which tend to bring out a bit more of the chaos or tension of needing to get somewhere or get something done. But this Mom also said they generally like to keep things pretty calm so I think in this case the photos reflected this family’s uniqueness. There was still some protests from the preschooler over crafts and snacks and a little tumble by the toddler that needed some cuddles, but mostly what showed up in the photos was a whole lot of love and fun together. This hard-working mama had fridays off work as her day home with just the kids and I thought it was such a great idea to capture that time together. You could tell how much the 3 of them just loved being together, without a structured agenda on the go, and how much the Mom taught her kids through all of their play and quality time together. Family photos in Calgary can be a bit of a gamble if the plan is outdoors, which is one of many reasons that in-home sessions are great. But despite the rain, they still made it out for a little adventure to the park.