Documentary Family Session - Half Day

Because the genre of documentary family photography is still newer, I often find it hard to sell the idea to people. Asking someone for you to show up at their doorstep at 6:30 in the morning before kids are even up for the day and for them to still be in their pyjamas is not super comfortable for most, and I get this.  And usually, getting the husband/dad on board is even harder. This session was no exception. But... the feedback I received after the session was a complete boost and made my heart happy, reassuring me why it is worth pushing people to trust you to get these real moments captured. This family got to go about their usual Saturday morning together while I stayed with them for 6 hours. Typical routines were captured like breakfast, teeth brushing, playing, a walk/bike, and lunch; typing out a list always makes it sound mundane but anybody with young kids knows that the day to day is anything but that. Photos were captured of all the in-between moments, each kids' unique personality, and how amazing the parents were at working as a team. Oh, and let's not forget about the cats, which definitely added to the chaos but also the affection amongst this beautiful Calgary family.